Jack MacQwerty – Game Jam Build

john macwerty

Jack MacQwerty is a sheriff with mad typing skills, looking to fight off a cast of fast moving bandits.

These bandits have captured some innocent people from Jack’s town. Now he must prove he can type faster than them to defeat them. As bandits run across the screen, their names or other words will appear above their heads. You must type these words before the bandits pull out their guns and shoot you. Sometimes, these rough cowboys might be riding horses. Those horses must also be shot. You must also type the word ‘Reload’ when your gun is out of bullets – to reload of course.

Innocent people start to come out after a few waves of bandits. These people run across the screen and must not be shot. There is even a shield of barrels that you can place in front of you. This will protect you from the bullets of the other cowboys. The longer you last, the more enemies seem to appear, but be careful what you type – some things aren’t meant to be shot!

Note: Remember to type ‘reload’ to reload!

Play Jack MacQwerty in a Browser HERE