Jack Move – Beta Demo

Jack Move is a beautifully animated cyberpunk RPG adventure with tactical turn-based battles where you hack your enemies in cyberspace.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer in March last year, Jack Move is a cyberpunk RPG adventure that follows a vigilante hacker as she battles a nefarious organisation that’s kidnapped her estranged father and is trying to steal his research. After his wife’s death he started pioneering research into “digital reanimation” and it looks like his work has caught the attention of an organisation called Monomind. Even though you’re fairly young, you’re a bit of a legend on the streets for your role in the Data Wars and you’ll need all of your hacking skills to get to the bottom of what Monomind’s up to.

As you explore the stylish cyberpunk world of Jack Move you will have random encounters with enemies who attempt to hack you in cyberspace. When this happens you enter a green wireframe cyberspace and face-off against the enemies in tactical turn-based battles. You have various hacking skills at your disposal and the combat also charges up your “Jack Move” which unleashes a powerful special attack that can do some serious damage. Your hacking skills (and even your Jack Move) can be upgraded or swapped out for other abilities you find on your adventure.

Random encounters may not be for everyone, but Jack Move is a very promising game that delivers a fresh feeling take on the classic JRPG formula. The pixel art animation is superb, the story is interesting and the characters are very endearing. The cyberpunk setting works really well and the cyberspace turn-based combat has plenty of depth. You won’t regret jacking-in to Jack Move.

Play The Jack Move Beta Demo Here (Steam)