JackHammer – Steam Alpha Key Giveaway

We have 6000 Steam Alpha keys to give away for JackHammer – the super cool fusion of intense arena combat and dodgeball where your reactions and reflexes are all that stands between life and death by MurderBall.

As we mentioned during the Closed Alpha sign up, JackHammer is a high octane blend of Unreal Engine 4 powered arena FPS action and dodgeball that pits teams of customizable military grade robots against each other in intense 3v3 combat. The main game mode is 3v3 elimination, in which players attempt to grab and fire Iridium-alloy MurderBalls at each other. The devs have also recently added a Basketball-esque mode that sees you attempting to rack up points by scoring goals. Both modes allow for plenty of reflex-testing fun as players Jump, blast, shunt and grapple around the arenas, pulling off badass trick-shots and smashing each other to pieces.

To claim your JackHammer Steam Alpha key simply carry out any three of the actions in the widget below and your key will appear instantly. Please note that the keys will be revoked at the end of the Alpha and it’s currently only available in the EU and the US. See you in the arena for some MurderBall fun!

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JackHammer Steam Alpha Key Giveaway!