Jamsterdam – Game Jam Build

Jamsterdam is a stylish little game where you attempt to make enough cash as a street musician to pay for your even increasing bills in the beautiful city of Amsterdam.

Created for Ludum Dare 44, In Jamsterdam you control a street musician who attempts to earn a living by singing along with his jazz band on the streets of Amsterdam. After a short stroll along the side of a canal you walk up to the microphone and press the left mouse button to sing. The higher the mouse pointer is on the screen then the higher the pitch you sing and as you sing passers by will throw change at you, which you can then pick up and use to pay your bills.

The gameplay in Jamsterdam is fairly basic and there’s no real end goal other than attempting to earn enough cash to survive for as long as possible. It’s a fun little game though that offers a message of warning about how gentrification and rising costs are pushing artists out of cities. Thankfully you can also just press “X” three times to remove the bills from the game though, as the beautiful scenery and cool jazzy tunes make it a great place to kick back and chill out for a while!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Jamsterdam Here (Windows & Mac)