Janitor Bleeds – Beta Demo

Janitor Bleeds is a tense retro styled first person horror game where you find yourself in an abandoned amusement arcade that’s home to a terrifying shadowy monster, and you have to play a cursed arcade cabinet to escape.

In Janitor Bleeds you have an accident on a stretch of road where multiple people have gone missing recently. After walking along the road a little you find an old abandoned amusement arcade. You venture inside in search of help but soon find yourself trapped, and you’ll have to play a cursed arcade cabinet to aid your escape.

It’s an impressive game with a tense atmosphere, great 90’s inspired visuals, inventive use of the abandoned arcade setting and a very freaky monster. The use of the cursed arcade cabinet is particularly clever, with things happening around you as you play, level layouts mimicking the layout of the amusement arcade and you even being able to transfer keys collected in-game to yourself. An inventive and unsettling amusement arcade horror game well worth throwing a few quarters into.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Janitor Bleeds Beta Demo Here (Steam)