JARS – Beta Demo

JARS is a beautifully animated adventure that blends puzzle and tower defense elements as you use creatures and household objects to fend off creepy crawlies while searching for dark secrets in your basement.

In JARS you follow the story of a young kid whose father has gone missing and is now searching for answers in his family basement. There’s a mysterious book with missing pages, strange gadgets and even coffins that contain vampires. There’s also a huge amount of jars that can contain bugs that try to attack the coffins or they can contain useful creatures and objects for protecting the coffins.

In each level you need to smash the jars and use their contents to protect the coffins from attacking insects. You have no idea what will be in a jar until you breath it though so you need to think quickly to keep the coffins safe.

JARS’ fusion of tower defense and puzzle gameplay is very unique and quite addictive. Each level can be completed very quickly (under a minute usually) and it’s fun finding out what’s inside each of the jars. The hand animated visuals look fantastic too and do a good job of making those creepy crawlies look (almost) cute!

Download the JARS Beta Demo Here (Steam)