Jason The Greek – Alpha Demo

Jason the Greek

Jason The Greek is a point-and-click adventure game retelling the ancient epic of Jason and the Argonauts but with a twist of modern humor and a sprinkling of Star Trek references.

You play as the titular character of Jason as he attempts to reunite with his crew following some shark-related incident on the high seas. Jason The Greek follows closely in the footsteps of the forefathers of genre, Sierra and LucasArts. With only two screens worth of content to examine in the demo, it’s hard to say whether the puzzles of Jason The Greek will swing closer to King’s Quest V‘s pie-throwing moon logic or stick to a more approachable Monkey Island level of weird. The writing presented thus far is certainly amusing, if not laugh out loud funny, though the lack of musical accompaniment or voice acting may be responsible for some of the jokes falling flat. Some of the cutscenes, particularly the introductory cutscene with Apollonius, could have some of their fat trimmed away as even with the option to skip dialogue, the introduction really does drag on.

The choice to use pixel art for the game is an interesting one. There is a richness to the color palette of Jason The Greek that wonderfully compliments the game’s cartoonish writing and ancient Greek setting. However, the high-resolution pixel art of the animated sequences and dialogue portraits is much crisper and pleasant to look at when compared to the larger pixels of the in-game art. Implementing a single style of pixel art would have helped unify the game’s overall aesthetic, which is especially important for a game attempting to blend so many genres. (Note: According to the developer’s blog, the pixel art style of this version of the game came about due to a lack of funds, which may explain the wishy-washiness in its art direction.) Even still, Jason The Greek is a promising adventure game with a solid story at its roots. We hope that the game’s final release, whatever form it takes, provides all the adventure, action, and thrills of the original Greek myth.

Download The Jason The Greek Alpha Demo Here (Win, Mac & Linux)

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  1. Great little Demo. Although I did not support this game on Kickstarter (found it after it ended) I look up info on it from time to time. I was happy to see that the Demo was released and I played through it. Great work. Can’t wait for more!

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