Jawbreaker – Beta Demo

Jawbreaker is an Outlast style first person psychological horror adventure where you find yourself trapped in the hideout of a gang of bloodthirsty psychos.

Taking place in a city that’s fallen into anarchy, in Jawbreaker you are a scavenger who goes looking for some useful supplies in an abandoned police station. However, things soon go bad and you find yourself trapped in the station – which seems to have been procured as a hideout for a gang of mask-wearing Joker-esque psychos. You’ll now need to use a mixture of stealth, puzzle solving and weaponry as you attempt to escape in one piece.

The dialogue for the gang-members could do with a little more variety and it does sound a little too Joker-like at times, but aside from that it’s a very promising game. It’s got similar gameplay beats to Outlast, but it manages to be significantly less grim and depressing while still allowing for a tense and foreboding atmosphere. Also, you don’t need to worry about topping up batteries every five minutes and the fact that you can use guns should also mean that you won’t always be the one cowering in fear.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Jawbreaker Beta Demo Here (Steam)