Jazon and the Dead – Pre-Alpha Download


Jazon and the Dead is a very impressive top down action adventure that blends stylish visuals, witty dialogue, inventive puzzles and blood soaked zombie blasting fun.

We first covered Jazon and the Dead last month during the Alpha Sign Up phase, but now the fun is open to all, with the Pre-Alpha build just released to coincide with the Fig crowdfunding campaign. The Pre-Alpha build is very impressive, and offers around 10 minutes of zombie shooting action and clever puzzle design that requires a bit of lateral thinking..

The interplay between the two characters is great fun and it’s worth searching around for as many items as possible as you never know when they might come in handy. Jazon and the Dead is also very brutal and has a wonderfully dark sense of humor, as signified with the opening sequence that sees your player beating a zombie to death with a large sausage!

It’s a fun game that really does look like it has the full package – stylish visuals, dark humour, top-down twin stick zombie blasting and unique puzzles that will test your braaains! A well crafted zombie apocalypse well worth checking out.

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Check Out a Jazon and the Dead Gameplay Video Here

Download The Jazon and the Dead Pre-Alpha Build Here