JellyCar Worlds – Beta Demo

JellyCar Worlds is a joyful soft body physics-based driving platforming game where you drive customizable squishy cars through crazy courses filled with secrets.

A sequel to the excellent original ten year old JellyCar game, Jelly Car Worlds looks set to up the ante in every way possible. The game features over fifty levels spread over six worlds (with more to come), unlockable car bodies, hidden secret exits in each level, special gameplay modes and super hard Skull Levels to really test your driving skills. The customization options are also impressive, with you able to unlock lots of paint jobs and even draw your own, as well as being able to record your own sound FX for the car.

The JellyCar Worlds Beta demo doesn’t include the customization options, but it does include one full world to play through and allows you to test out a selection of fun power-ups. It’s an absolute blast and is packed full of creative level design and playful charm. It’s the sort of game that you have fun with the instant you pick up the controller and are then continually amused by the various fun surprises it throws up. Highly recommended.

Check Out A Gameplay Video Here

Download The JellyCar Worlds Beta Demo Here (Steam)

Special thanks to Mimchu for the heads up about this game!