Jelly Hunter Extreme – Alpha Demo

Jelly Hunter Extreme Game Download

Jelly Hunter Extreme is a lighthearted and super tough run and gun dungeon crawler, in which you shoot and loot your way through randomly generated levels in the hopes of defeating the Jelly Monster.

Jelly Hunter Extreme features 58 different weapons, 45 useful items, unlockable companions and five different character classes – ranging from the Mage to the melee focused Knight (who comes armed with a shovel). The gameplay is fast paced and fun, with you exploring the randomly generated dungeons and battling hordes of jelly clone monsters. It’s a tough game, but there’s lots of cool loot to collect to aid your progress.

It’s still early in development, but there’s a lot to enjoy about Jelly Hunter Extreme, with its charming pixel art visuals, fast paced run and gun gameplay and nice selection of loot. A wonderfully wobbly dungeon crawler well worth checking out.

Note: It can sometimes be hard to spot doorways, particularly on near-side walls. If you can’t figure out your route, it’s best to check the edges of rooms for exits.

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Download The Jelly Hunter Extreme Alpha Demo Here (Windows)