Jelly Mario – Open Alpha

Jelly Mario is a super silly little fan made Super Mario Bros remake with a world made entirely out of wobbly, deformable jelly and has Mario floating around it like a jellyfish!

We’ve seen many a weird fan game at Alpha Beta Gamer, but Jelly Mario has to be one of the weirdest. The current build lets you loose on the first half of level 1-1 in Super Mario Bros and allows you to experience that game in a very different way than the 1985 original.

In Jelly Mario you propel Mario around it like a jellyfish – by pointing his head in a direction and jumping. You can’t destroy blocks and collect items, but you can crash into things and watch with glee as they bend, deform and spin in this new jelly physics based version of the Mushroom Kingdom – and if you hit an enemy you’ll explode into a glorious shower of pixels!

It’s a wonderfully weird and wobbly experience that proves you don’t need bones to have fun in the Mushroom Kingdom. Jelly good fun.

Note: Use the arrow keys to move. To start the game move mario to the right hand side of the start screen

Play The Jelly Mario Alpha Here (Browser)