Jengo – Alpha Demo

Jengo is a very witty point and click adventure with beautiful hand drawn artwork and lots of video game in-jokes, which sees a hardcore gamer transported into a strange video game world after playing on a Jumanji-esque retro game console.

In Jengo you take on the role of Jeff, a veteran gamer who has become disillusioned by the current video game scene’s trend of churning out sequels, reboots, spin-offs and rubbish. After visiting his local video game store where they’re taking orders for the latest Act of War: Call of Honor III (a prequel sequel to Call of Honor III), Jeff is more down on games than ever, but then he ventures into a Gremlins-esque shop of curiosities and tries out a mysterious retro console called Jengo and is transported into another world…

The current demo build offers around sizeable chunk of gameplay, and (aside from the lack of voiceovers) is a very polished and well crafted experience. Even in these early stages of development, Jengo is a very impressive game. It’s like a Lucasarts adventure set in a world full of video game character parodies. The artwork is excellent, the characters are very well written and the humor is packed full of witty pop culture and video game references – from Mario to The Lord of the Rings. It’s shaping up to be a fantastic adventure and is well worth checking out if you’re not keen on partaking in the next Act of War: Call of Honor III!

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Download The Jengo Alpha Demo Here (Steam)