Jenny LeClue – Alpha Demo

Jenny LeClue

Jenny LeClue is a well crafted point and click puzzle adventure in a similar vein to the Professor Layton series, in which you play a brilliant young female detective in a book narrated by (and affected by) it’s author.

Jenny LeClue follows the story of Jenny as she tries to clear her mother of a bogus murder charge, soon uncovering a web of lies and deceit.  Inspired by Professor Layton, Broken Age, Twin Peaks and SherlockJenny LeClue offers charming hand-drawn animation, intelligent puzzle design, humor and interesting characters, all wrapped up in an intriguing story of murder and corruption.

The Alpha Demo is a very well polished experience, featuring excellent art design and clever puzzles.  There is a little of the classic point and click adventure style ‘use object A on object B’ puzzles, but the majority is the far more enjoyable self contained puzzles as seen in the Professor Layton series.

The game also promises an intriguing meta-story, with Jenny’s decisions affecting the action of the Author of the book she is a character in, and his actions affecting her adventure.  It will also boast branching pathways caused by decisions in game, and an innovative approach to interrogating suspects, with you able to move the camera around to better observe visual cues and determine whether they’re lying or not.

With it’s gorgeous cartoon-like visuals, intriguing story and innovative gameplay, Jenny LeClue really impresses.  An intelligent murder mystery that’s well worth investigating.

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