Jera – Student Project Game

Jera is a beautifully animated precision platforming adventure that sees you earning elemental powers to increase your mobility as you attempt to stop a powerful monster from destroying your city.

In Jera you take control of a young hero who sets out in search of the three elemental crystals required to defeat a beast which has promised to return and destroy your city. The three crystals are imbued with the power of Earth, Fire and Wind, with each one granting you a new ability that increases your mobility. All of the abilities are useful, but Earth is the most fun to use – allowing you to tunnel your way through dirt areas at great speed.

The artwork and animation in Jera are superb, feeling like you’re playing an an interactive cartoon at times. The level design is very creative too, offering a serious challenge and lots of creative ways to use your elemental powers. It gets very tough towards the end (and may cause a few rage quits), but failure is generally your fault and you get a real sense of achievement one you make it past a particularly deadly area. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Jera Here (Windows)