Jerry Rice & Nitus’ Dog Football – Alpha Demo


Move over Madden, there’s a new top dog in town (literally), with Jerry Rice & Nitus’ Dog Football a fun blend of Mario Kart and (American) Football, full of adorable doggies and silly pun based humor.

Jerry Rice & Nitus’ Dog Football features 7 on 7 matches with a human quarterback throwing to canine receivers in a competition to win the ‘Golden Hydrant’.  Matches are played on interactive fields, such as dog parks, with obstacles, hills and hidden routes for you to discover.  The Alpha Demo obviously isn’t fully featured, but the full game will feature  20 dog breeds, 14 human quarterbacks, 185 plays, 12 interactive fields and over 250 prizes, like custom balls and accessories.

Gameplay is pretty easy to pick up, with the whole game playable on a mouse, simply move the mouse cursor where you want the selected dog to go.  As with MaddenJerry Rice & Nitus’ Dog Football is much more fun when you’re attacking, with you selecting plays, handing out dog treats and selecting which ball to use (from shiny disco balls to rubber chickens).  After the snap, to select which dog you want to throw to, simply wait for the receiver to bark then left click to throw, then run for the end zone.

It’s a fun game that blends pooches and Madden to make a fun easily accessible football game that’s well worth taking out for a walk.

Download the Alpha Demo Via The Greenlight Page HERE (Win Only)