Jesus Christ, Our Lord, REBORN – GameJam Build Download

jesus christ our saviour reborn

Jesus Christ, Our Lord, REBORN is a short and wonderfully strange point n’ click adventure set in the year 2329, in which you play a member of a mysterious cult that still believes in Chrismas, who has traveled to an old toy factory in the north pole to make Jesus Christ reborn.

As you explore the strange old factory, it soon becomes apparent that you must fix the machines, with an overall goal of decorating the huge Christmas tree in the middle of it.  Complete this goal and some very strange sh*t will happen which could possibly offend some, but really not intended to (and it’s probably no stranger than a lot of the stuff in the Bible).

The pixel art of Jesus Christ, Our Lord, REBORN is fantastic, and it’s well worth playing with headphones on to get the most out of it, as the audio design is superb (especially during the ending).  Whether JC himself would approve of this game is debatable, but it’s certainly full of festive spirit.  When you resurrect the saviour of the cult of Christianity in this strange future, you’ll be treated to an ending you’ll never forget (even if you want to).  Seriously far-out festivities.

Download Jesus Christ, Our Lord, REBORN HERE (Win, Mac & Linux)