Jetboard Joust – Alpha Download

Jetboard Joust is a fun retro arcade game in which you soar through the skies and use an assortment of powerful weaponry to blast aliens who are abducting your babies.

Drawing inspiration from arcade classics like Defender and Joust, Jetboard Joust features fast paced arcade gameplay that sees you taking to the skies on a jetboard and blasting nasty aliens who are stealing your babies and turning them into mutants. In each level you attempt to save your babies and blast all the aliens, collecting cash in the process which can be used to unlock upgrades between levels.

It’s a fun game with fast paced alien blasting gameplay, excellent pixel art visuals and a very catchy soundtrack. A stylish side scrolling shooter that offers a modern twist on classic arcade gameplay.

Download The Jetboard Joust Alpha Here (Windows & Mac)