Jetburst – Student Project Download

Jetburst is a super cool six degrees of freedom zero gravity racer that sees you racing around deadly futuristic racetracks to pay back a dangerous debt.

In Jetburst you take on the role of a daring underground racer who’s trying to get back on their feet after crashing their previous ship. You promptly borrow some cash from some shady loan sharks and enter the Star Hustle Grand Prix, with a hope of winning and paying off the loan sharks with the winnings.

The Star Hustle Grand Prix (and qualifying session) consists of three races that take place around some very well crafted race tracks that are packed full of sharp turns, boosts, deadly hazards and tight gaps to squeeze through. You have to hit the checkpoints, but other than that you’re given quite a lot of freedom to swoop around the tracks as you see fit.

Jetburst is a very polished and stylish futuristic racing experience that provides up plenty of adrenaline-fuelled thrills during its short playtime. It may be limited to three tracks, but they’re very well designed and offer up a real challenge and a they deliver real feelings of exhilaration as you narrowly avoid death racing around them. A super cool jet powered futuristic racer that’ll take you for a hell of a ride!

Download Jetburst Here (Windows)