Jimi Can Not Read – Prototype Download

Jimi Can Not Read is a clever little puzzle platforming adventure where your character cannot read, but you teach him as you play, letter by letter.

In Jimi Can Not Read you character starts the game only able to read and use one letter – A. However, he can collect As from the various text boxes that fill the screen, and then you can shoot them by pressing the corresponding letter on the keyboard. This allows you to shoot enemies and unlock doors where you’ll be able to collect scrolls that teach you new letters from the alphabet (there’s a bit more to it then that but you’ll pick it up as you go).

The current build is fairly short, but it’s a very clever concept and the level design is packed full of fun ideas and inventive puzzle design. Jimi may not be able to read, but if you’re reading this you should really check out Jimi’s delightful little adventure.

Download or Play Jimi Can Not Read Here (Win, Mac, Linux and Browser)