Joan Jump – Prototype

Joan Jump is a fun little ASCII-based platformer where you’re sent on a mission to find a mysterious card by a magician.

In Joan Jump you control a charming little hero called Joan, who is sent to Earth by a magician to find a legendary card. The gameplay is pretty basic, with you simply needing to grab a certain amount of coins in each level to allow you to move on, but the ASCII based visuals make for a very unique experience.

At the moment Joan Jump can be a little frustrating, due to the fact that the movement is a little imprecise and falling from large heights instantly kills you (so you have to restart the level). It is a fun and oddly addictive little game though, and the ASCII artwork is fantastic. If the character movement could get tightened up a little it could be an ASCII-lent little adventure!

Play or Download The Joan Jump Prototype Here (Windows & Browser)