John Mambo – Alpha Demo

John Mambo Game Download

John Mambo is a very cool Ikari Warriors style vertically scrolling top down run and gun shooter with gorgeous pixel art animation, challenging old school gameplay and a generous helping of Rambo-lampooning humor.

In John Mambo you play the titular character – a muscle-bound one man army heavily inspired by Stallone’s Rambo. The gameplay offers up plenty of fast paced vertically scrolling arcade-style run and gun fun that’s fondly reminiscent of Ikari Warriors as you make a lone assault on an enemy base.

The gameplay is satisfyingly old school and offers up plenty of carnage, cartoon violence and challenge (even on Easy Mode). There are lots of hidden routes through the levels too, with you often able to blow your way through rock-faces, fences or pipework to avoid defenses and get the drop on the enemy.

It’s still early in development, but John Mambo is great fun to play already, especially thanks to all the beautifully animated carnage and little comedic touches – the sort of fun visual gags you’d see in Metal Slug games. Retro run and gun arcade action that’s certain to put a smile on your face.

Download The John Mambo Alpha Demo Here (Windows & Mac)