Jolt: Fully Charged – Beta Demo

Jolt: Fully Charged is a fast paced 16-bit styled platforming adventure that sees you running jumping and bolt-dashing through large Sonic-esque secret-filled multi-route levels.

In Jolt: Fully Charged you control the titular Jolt and his companion, Cycle, as they make their way through large side-scrolling multi-route levels with a boss fight at the end of them. The majority of the time you’ll be controlling Jolt as he carries Cycle on his back through the levels, but Cycle comes into play if Jolt takes too much damage and has different abilities, (such as being able to jump while in the air).

Jolt’s main ability is the Jolt Dash, which allows him to dash in any direction without taking any damage. It’s a very handy move and is particularly useful for allowing you to dash high up into the air – allowing you to reach secret areas or get the drop on the various bosses. There’s also a nice selection of power-ups to collect which can give you some very useful abilities, such as gliding or being able to double-dash.

The three levels in the current build of Jolt: Fully Charged do feel a little bit easy, which seems to due the (admittedly fun to use) Jolt Dash which feels a little overpowered and the bosses being very easy. However they are the first three levels in the game, so the full game will no doubt be harder and they are great fun to playthrough anyway. The pixel artwork and audio are very well done and the level design is excellent. A fast paced retro platforming romp that harkens back to the glory days of the mascot platformer.

Download Jolt: Fully Charged Here (Windows)