Jorry – Alpha Demo

Jorry is a surreal point and click survival horror adventure that sees you trapped in an icy cold building with monsters that thrive in sub zero temperatures and a mysterious little girl that seems to know you.

In Jorry you take control of Claire, a young woman who wakes up tied up in a strange room, with no memory of who you are or why you’re there. After breaking free it soon becomes apparent that you’re trapped in a surreal, nightmarish building with murderous monsters who can only survive in sub zero temperatures. There’s also a young girl called Jorry who’s trapped somewhere else in the building and calls you occasionally, she seems to know you and you vow to save her, but it’s not going to be easy.

Jorry draws inspiration from classic 90’s survival horror games, but plays out using a traditional point and click adventure interface. There are puzzles to solve, but you also have to deal who the monsters that randomly appear within the building – which you can either hide from or shoot with your eXistenZ-esque gun that uses teeth as bullets. It’s a satisfying combat system, with you aiming and firing in real time, able to pull off headshots to do more damage and knock more teeth free.

It’s still early in development, but Jorry really impresses with it’s dark and disturbing atmosphere, intriguing narrative and excellent character animation. It’s a novel blend of survival horror and point and click adventure that works surprisingly well, and there’s a surreal David Lynch-esque vibe to the game as you stalk your way through its icy rooms. Well worth checking out for a unique retro-styled slice of survival horror.

Check Out a Jorry Gameplay Video Here

Download The Jorry Alpha Demo Here (Windows)