Joseph – Alpha Download


Joseph is a super tough pixel art platformer with a super catchy theme tune and the unique ability to materialise blocks in the air on-the-fly with a click of the mouse.

You play Joseph – a boy who lives in a volcano with his family (although it seems his Mother is the volcano).  One day the volcano gets angry and starts to erupt, forcing Joseph to run for his life.

You must run and jump your way through each stage, climbing ever higher towards the exit before the lava gets you.  Once you collect ‘+’ tokens you can also materialise platforms in the air using the mouse, making handy platforms you can use to escape the lava.

Joseph is not a game for the easily frustrated, it’s a very tough precision platformer with an added level of difficulty due to the fact that you have to materialise platforms with the mouse whilst running from your life from lava.  A fast, furious and fun multitasking precision platformer.

Download The Joseph Alpha Here