Journey of Johann – Alpha Demo


Journey of Johann is a hardcore action platformer in which your weaponry plays a vital role as you go on a quest to get your ale horn back from the aliens that stole it from you!

In Journey of Johann you play a Viking who must run, jump and fight his way through some remarkably deviously designed levels as you attempt to catch the aliens that stole your ale horn. Johann is capable of running, jumping and double jumping much like in other platformers, but he also has the ability to pick up, use and throw a variety of weaponry. These weapons not only come in handy for fighting monsters, but they can also be thrown at walls and used as platforms.

Journey of Johann’s levels are designed with speed runs in mind and there are also hidden goblets to find if you’re feeling adventurous (but on your first few attempts you’ll just be happy to make it through a level in one piece). Journey of Johann is a very hard game from the outset (you’ll die multiple times in the tutorial level), but it’s never unfair, it rewards perseverance and player skill.

The current Alpha Demo build of Journey of Johann offers 10 tough levels and one boss fight. The pixel art animation throughout is superb, with lush backgrounds, fun level design, and some great little touches to the character design (such as Johann’s flowing hair). A well crafted action platformer that will kick the ass of the complacent. If you’re looking for a challenge we highly recommend going on a journey with Johann!

Note: Control Pad Highly Recommended

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Check Out a Journey of Johann Gameplay Video Here

UPDATE: This Alpha Is No Longer Available