JTetris – Game Jam Build Download


JTetris is a rather silly and fun QWOP-style game that see’s you trying to arrange a Sumo wrestlers limbs so that they fit through the increasingly fast oncoming walls.

JTetris takes inspiration from gameshows like Japan’s Human Tetris or the USA’s Hole in the Wall and adds Sumo wrestlers and a tricky QWOP control scheme.  To manipulate your limbs, the QW and OP Keys are used to operate the left and right arms, while the AS and KL keys are used to operate the legs.

Remembering what key does what as increasingly fast walls come hurtling at you is pretty tough, making for some pretty frantic button pressing as you try and get that last arm lined up!  Super silly Sumo shape-shifting fun.

Download JTetris HERE (Win Only)

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  1. Hi! I’m one of the creators of JTetris. I just want to say that I’m really happy that you find amusing the silliness of our game :) Thanks! We do not rule out further development of JTetris. I’ll keep in touch if there will be some news. Cheers!

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