Juice World – Alpha Download

Juice World is an incredibly weird and wobble third person hack n’ slash adventure in a world full of strange jelly-limbed monsters full of Juice.

Created by Fishlicka (creator of the equally bizarre Schwing), in Juice World you are a weird wobbly-limbed monstrosity that lives in a world full of even more weird wobbly-limbed monstrosities. After a short and entertaining tutorial stage, you’re unleashed into a large open world where you can explore, discover secrets, fly, become a juice-drinking vampire, beat up other monsters and fight bosses.

The movement and combat is delightfully wobbly and imprecise. There’s a selection of melee weapons to find, which you use by swinging the mouse – it’s very hard to master, but a lot of fun to play around with. Beating up monsters earns you juice which can be used to upgrade your abilities, effectively turning you from a wimpy lump of jelly to a superhero who can fly through the skies and dispatch enemies with a single blow.

It’s still very early in development and is a little rough around the edges, but it’s a delight playing around in Juice World’s weird wobbly world. There’s lots to discover, it’s got a wonderfully absurd sense of humor and the monsters are delightfully weird. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Juice World Alpha Here (Windows & Mac)

4 thoughts on “Juice World – Alpha Download”

  1. This is really fun and charming! I keep coming back, even though its just an alpha.
    I guess that the real juice was the friends we made along the way…

  2. I loved playing this game! So weird and endearing. I love the sound design and the wobbly movements of everything and the flying mechanic is satisfying especially after levelups. The little lonely tune that plays when you fly around is a nice touch. Weapon impact and pineapple canon are really fun. Characters are all delightfully strange, I can’t get enough of Mrs. Slitherss. I don’t know why this game does it for me so much, but I want so much more like more drops from monsters, a projectile weapon you can charge up for big boom, more planets in the fog to fly to, more caves to explore, more characters to talk to. I love Juice World, it’s like if Banjo Kazooie and Crypt World had a really weird and gross baby. And floppy too.

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