Jumping n’ Jumping – Game Jam Build

jumping n jumping

Jumping n’ Jumping, a game made for the Ludum Dare 31, utilizes a novel jumping mechanic that helps make this single screen game awesome.

The player controls a small red slime-like blob that lives inside a beautiful cave. In this magical cave, gems appear that need to be collected. There are four main chunks that the player can jump onto to reach different parts of the room where these gems are. Once the player is touching the ground, they get 3 jumps. So instead of a double jump, you get a triple jump! As you use this triple jump, the number of jumps remaining appears on the screen. With these jumps, when hitting a gem, it takes the remaining number of jumps you have left and adds the gem to it. This means that if you have 3 jumps, then hit a gem, you have 5 jumps now to travel around the screen. This fast little character slips a bit as you hit chunks, but the jumping and diving around the screen to catch gems is pretty awesome.

As you collect more and more gems, obstacles start appearing. First, come a cannon that blasts red spike balls and moves up and down the left or right of the screen. After that, comes spikes. These are not just normal spikes that appear and stay in place,  but rather spikes that appear on the floor, pop up, then disappear to pop up somewhere else. At this point, the game becomes very challenging, for if the player gets hit or touches the spikes, the score resets as does the traps. Personally, I have been unable to get past the spikes.  It’s simple and addictive arcade game will keep you jumping for gems!

Play Jumping n’ Jumping in a browser HERE