Juniper Keep Assassins – Game Jam Build Download

Juniper Keep Assassins, a very tough yet stylish retro action platformer made for the A Game By It’s Cover Jam, has you trying to stop an evil group from abducting children for secret scientific experiments!

In Juniper Keep Assassins you are one of the most talented and well-trained martial arts member of the Juniper Keep Squad. As such, you have been sent out to stop the HaimaCorp from destroying innocent lives and experimenting on other humans. Stopping this group will not be easy, most do not know what they do behind their facade of helping countries and governments. They are also a large group, full of talented fighters and weapons that will destroy you. But, with some determination, you might be able to make it inside their corporation and take them down once and for all.

Juniper Keep Assassins is a very tricky platformer with some authentically retro feeling level design, having you face tons of different enemies all with very different ways of killing you. Some will charge at you, others shoot at you, some will crawl along walls in a way that you can’t even reach them while they slowly kill you. You will need to time your jumps and attacks carefully to destroy enemies. Sometimes they drop food items that will heal you a bit or special weapons such as throwable bombs and ninja stars.

It’s a tough game, but your character is a badass – skilful with a sword and able to scale walls by punching straight into them! So clearly you are strong enough to stand up to these enemies as you make your way through the level. See how you fare as you attempt to stop HaimaCorp from destroying the world in this authentically retro feeling slice of ninja arcade action.

Note: Press Up and Attack to Use Your Special Weapons

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download or Play Juniper Keep Assassins Here (Windows, Linux & Browser)

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