Jupiter Moons: Mecha – Beta Demo

Jupiter Moons: Mecha is a single-player card-based roguelike mech combat game where you become a bounty hunting mech pilot who fights corrupted machines on the moons of Jupiter.

The narrative of Jupiter Moons: Mecha takes place in a distant future where mankind has colonized the moons of Jupiter. A war between megacorporations caused cities to be levelled, leaving a lawless frontier and awakening an ancient darkness that is capable of corrupting the machines. You now need to jump into your upgradeable mech and battle the pirates, industrial muscle and the corrupted machines that are overrunning the moons, earning yourself a nice sum of cash in the process.

The gameplay in Jupiter Moons: Mecha is split between the combat phase and the workshop phase. In battles you’ll place cards to attack enemies, repair your mech and manage your heatsink. You earn new parts after each battle which can then be fitted to your mech in the workshop, adding more cards to your deck and increasing the stats of your mech.

It’s a fun game with fast paced card-based combat, easily accessible gameplay and a clean visual style. The combat options feel a little simplistic at the moment, but things will likely get more complex as the game progresses. The way you attach arts to your mech is a clever touch and should make for some difficult decisions as you try to figure out the optimal loadout. See if you can build the perfect mech!

Download The Jupiter Moons: Mecha Beta Demo Here (Steam)