Jusant – Beta Demo

Jusant is a beautiful mountaineering adventure where you scale a gigantic tower that’s strewn with the wreckage of old ships.

In Jusant you will climb a massive stone tower that reaches high up into the clouds. To do this you have some mountaineering equipment and an odd looking watery companion called Ballast. It’s a mysterious place that appears to have once been covered in water, though you’ll be able to piece together the tower’s past as you climb.

Climbing in Jusant is like a more in-depth physics-based take on the Uncharted style of climbing. There are pre-defined climbable areas which you scale by aiming the left analog stick and squeezing or releasing the L/R triggers to control the left and right arms. You also have your trusty rope, which can be used to climb, swing and save you from a big fall.

It’s a delightful game with beautiful scenery, vertigo-inducing heights and a cozy chilled out atmosphere. The climbing mechanics work really well and the mysterious tower hints at some fascinating lore. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Jusant Beta Demo Here (Steam)