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just another bug hunt

Just Another Bug Hunt? is a fun mix of old school run and gun action and RTS elements, that sees you trying to survive for as long as possible on a seriously hostile alien planet.

The Prototype gives you access to the ‘Survival-like’ mode, in which you use guns, structures, unique abilities and A.I. familiars to fend off your inevitable demise for as long as possible (which won’t be long).  The full game will feature a choice of 4 playable characters, boss fights, randomly generated terrain and a fully fleshed out story campaign, but the Prototype is a great taster of things to come.

At the moment, the game is fun but very hard, this difficulty is mainly just down to a few issues with the game design which we’d hope will be ironed out in future releases.  The aiming system is a little odd, with you using the roller wheel on your mouse to change your shooting angle.  While this works quite well once you’re used to it, it’s still not an ideal way to play a twitchy arcade shooter (and makes shooting those damn walking mines near impossible!).  Also, at the moment, the buildings only seem to last for a short amount of time before they shut down, we’d love to see a more permanent benefit for spending your (very) hard earned cash.

Just Another Bug Hunt? is still very early in development, so there are bound to be a few rough edges, but the concept, core gameplay, visual style and audio are all great.  With a bit of polish, this could be a lot more than just another bug hunt.

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  1. This game looks great! I will support and follow your future adventure with this project! Good luck!

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