Just Another Sketch On The Wall – Game jam Build Download

just another sketch 2

Just Another Sketch On The Wall is a short and super stylish puzzle platformer in which you play a little graffiti doodle that must interact with other pieces of graffiti to clear the way around a building.

The fabulous, near photorealistic art style is what first grabs your attention when loading up Just Another Sketch On The Wall – it really does look like a real wall your little doodle warrior is clambering across.  You can interact with the other bits of graffiti on the wall in various ways, solving surprisingly devious puzzles that will require some experimentation to figure out.

As it was completed in a game jam, Just Another Sketch On The Wall is fairly short, but it’s an intelligent, stylish and unique little game that we’d love to see expanded on.  Not just another brick in the wall.

Stuck? Check Out a Playthrough Here

Download Just Another Sketch On The Wall Here (Win, Mac, Linux & Browser)