Just Die Already – Alpha Demo

Just Die Already is a ridiculous physics-based sandbox game from the creators of Goat Simulator, where you unleash old people on a city filled with brutal ways to die.

In Just Die Already you take control of an old and angry pensioner who gets kicked out of their retirement home and has to survive in an incredibly dangerous sandbox city. Playable in single-player or online multiplayer, it has a lot in common with the sandbox chaos of Goat Simulator, but the city if far more detailed and more densely packed with fun secrets, silly easter eggs and horrible ways to die.

There’s lots to discover and lots of different ways to cause mischief in the city. You’ll also get maimed, decapitated and dismembered a lot, but your plucky pensioner is pretty resilient and can still survive with multiple broken bones, missing limbs and even a missing body! A delightfully silly sandbox game that’s jam packed with fun ways to maim other people and yourself.

Download The Just Die Already Alpha Demo Here (steam)