Just Feel – Student Project Download

Just Feel game

Just Feel is a strange, serene and sensual experience in which you move a hand around a giant naked body, bringing pleasure to it’s various erogenous zones and slowly building to a climax.

The goal of Just Feel is to move your hand over enough of the erogenous zones to a activate the main erogenous zone (no prizes for guessing where that’s located) that will then trigger the body’s climax. Although you’re bringing pleasure to a giant naked body, Just Feel is more of a sensual experience than a sexual experience – it doesn’t feel vulgar or sleazy, but instead feels relaxing and meditative. Like a Proteus-style walking simulator, but instead of exploring a strange land you’re exploring a naked human body.

Much like real sex, the climax of Just Feel may be a little underwhelming (especially if you don’t speak French), but the unique, subtle and sensual exploration of the human body beforehand is certainly worth laying your hands on.

Download Just Feel Here (Windows)