Just Flip – Beta Demo

Just Flip is an addictive mouse controlled physics-based platformer that draws inspiration from Getting Over It with Bennet Foddy, as you try to flip, slide, ski and fall your way through a snowy mountainside.

Currently in development by Farseer Games, creators of the excellent Just Ski, Just Flip sees you using a mouse controlled jump to help you climb your way through a treacherous snowy mountainside. To jump you simply click on the screen, pull back and release, much like in an Angry Birds game. You can hold the left mouse button while you’re in the air though to cause your character to tuck into a ball and spin faster. This technique can really some in handy as your character will only stick in the snow if they land feet first – mistime your landing and there’s a good chance you’ll be sliding somewhere you don’t want to be!

It is tricky, but traversing the snow-covered mountain tops of Just Flip is a surprisingly chilled out experience. It is inspired by Getting Over It with Bennet Foddy, but it’s nowhere near as infuriating and your screw-ups are far less punishing. Also, the control scheme is simple and effective and there’s something aesthetically pleasing about the minimalist visuals. Flipping good fun.

Download the Just Flip Beta Demo Here (Windows)