Just Humphrey – Student Game

Just Humphrey is a charming little point and click puzzle adventure that follows a cute little hamster named Humphrey as he finds himself trapped in a dollhouse.

Humphrey is a fairly unsociable little hamster who has lives a happy life in a cage on his own with all the food and drink he could ask for. However, one day one day while he was still half-asleep his owner decided to pick him up and place him in a large, furnished dollhouse. Humphrey must now explore, solve puzzles and chat with the dolls of the dollhouse to get by in his new home and to prepare for their grand ball.

It’s a fun game with wonderful hand drawn visuals, quirky characters and a charming premise. The user interface does feel a little bit clunky, mainly because there’s no hotspot highlighting and Humphrey has to walk up to an object before you can find out how you can interact with it, but it’s still a great little adventure and a joy to spend some time in Humphreys weird little world.

Download Just Humphrey Here (Windows & Android)