Just Ignore Them: Brea’s Story – Beta Demo

Just Ignore Them: Brea’s Story is a narrative-driven horror adventure that draws inspiration from Hideo Kojima’s Snatcher games and sees you investigating a 20 year old murder case that has some strange discrepancies.

A prequel to the well received 2017 Just Ignore Them (and set in the same location as Ash Pines), Brea’s Story follows a tenacious young journalist called Brea. She has been looking for a good story to report on for some time now, and her delightfully hapless boyfriend, Jason, has come up with a lead. It involves a 20 year old murder in a strange Twin Peaks-esque town called Ash Pines.

The police did convict someone for the murder at the time, but there’s something not quite right about the case and the town in general. Such as the fact that the victim had 20 stab wounds inflicted at exactly the same time and the fact that you have to keep a radio on at night to scare away the local “wildlife”.

The story of Just Ignore Them: Brea’s Story is a bit of a slow burn, and there are only a couple of glimpses of “Them” in the hour-long first chapter, but it’s a lot of fun. The pixel art visuals have a lot of charm, the mystery is intriguing and the small town setting does a great job of making you feel like an outsider. The writing and the characters are real highlights, with each character having their own quirky personality and lots of great gags throughout (mostly involving Jason). Highly recommended.

Download the Beta Demo or Purchase the Early Access Game Here (Windows)