Just Me and Only Me Against The World – Game Jam Build Download

me an only me

Just Me and Only Me Against the World, a game created by Adam Gryu for Ludum Dare No.34, is a stylish and infectious shooter that will have you raging at its difficulty but fascinated at the awesome chaos that ensues in this game.

You, as the protagonist of the game, have showed up to stop the invasion of earth. The only problem is you showed up by yourself, as everyone else is too cowardly to do so. Armed with your trusted weapon, you must take out any opposing threat you encounter, by yourself. As you venture you come across strange floating orbs of yellow light, that have the amazing capability to replicate (or clone) anything that touches it. Now you are no longer alone, now you have friends to help you in your fight to save Earth.

Just Me and Only Me Against the World is a fantastically built game that encompasses the theme of Growth spectacularly. With the ability to clone yourself using the orbs, you grow your personal army of you to chaotic levels. Trying to keep track of the multiple copies of you can be tricky and as some difficulty to the game mechanics wise. Throw in some aliens with different patterns, types and other nasty surprise and you have a game that is well worth playing, even if it’s for a short period of time. The simplistic design of the game helps you focus on all the other elements that make the chaos seem so delicious and captivating. This is one of those games that will infect you with the ‘one more go’ curse, so do be warned.

NOTE: The game will automatically use a gamepad if ones is connected at the time. It also features split-screen multiplayer!

Download Just Me and Only Me Against The World Here (For Windows and Mac)