Kaboom Swing – Game Jam Build

Kaboom Swing is a fun little fusion of platforming and golfing where the ball is a bomb that explodes, often taking much of the surrounding course with it!

Created for the Gotm.io Jam by Havana24 (creator of Rupert Reset) in Kaboom Swing you play golf with a bomb which can explode and destroy large chunks of the course. You have direct control of the bomb (you don’t hit it with a club) and in each level you have a set amount of explosions to help you reach the hole. The fact that your explosions destroy the course can be advantageous at times, but it also means you have to be careful you don’t want to blow away any platforms that you need.

With 10 tricky holes to tackle, it’s a fairly short game, but a lot of fun and it would be perfect for expanding on. The pixel art visuals are very charming and it contains a nice mixture of precision platforming, destruction and puzzle solving as you try to figure out the best route through each level. Far more fun than real golf anyway!

Play Kaboom Swing Here (Browser)