Kaiju Wars – Beta Demo

Kaiju Wars is an Advance Wars-esque narrative-driven turn-based tactics game that sees you take part in small-scale battles against giant Kaiju that are threatening to demolish your city.

Combining easily accessible turn-based tactics, a fun narrative and giant monsters, Kaiju Wars puts you in the shoes of a mayor as he tries to fend off attacks from five different kaiju. You can deploy units from constructable army bases and command them as you attempt to defeat, or at least slow down the monsters.

Each of the Kaiju specialise in different types of destruction and will mutate and earn new abilities as the game progresses. Defeating the kaiju isn’t always done by force – your attacks may help slow the kaiju down, but often you’re buying time for more anti-kaiju scientific research to be done. Keeping your researchers alive is a task in itself though and you’ll need to move them from location to location to avoid them being munched by a kaiju.

It’s a very addictive game with a fun sense of humor, a lighthearted B-movie plot, high quality pixel art visuals and satisfyingly deep tactical turn-based gameplay. It does a good job of putting you on the back foot as the kaiju lay waste to the city and you’ll need superior tactics to send them packing. Highly recommended.

Download The Kaiju Wars Beta Demo Here (Steam)