Kanyon Bird – Game Jam Build Download

kanyon bird

Birds have a lot to answer for – not only do make a lot of noise and crap on your newly washed car, they also have a knack of featuring in ridiculously frustrating, yet highly addictive video games.  The latest of these is Kanyon Bird – a QWOP-esque bird sim in which you control each wing independently as you swoop (and usually splat) your way through a canyon.

Needless to say you’ll die a lot in Kanyon Bird – flapping the wings doesn’t come naturally and your feathery friend is about as agile as a hippo with feathers taped to its arms.  However,  the games addictive, one more go nature means that you’ll slowly pick up the ins and outs (or ups and downs) of flying.  You’ll never master Kanyon Bird, but with a bit of practice (and luck) you’ll make it to the finish line in one piece – though probably with not much grace.


You can use W/S and I/K to control your wings but you won’t get far –  a 360 Controller is highly recommended

Download Kanyon Bird HERE