Kaotik Shop – Game Jam Build Download

Kaotik Shop puts you in charge of a small independent music shop in which you build guitars, keyboards and speakers, then sell them to waiting customers.

In Kaotik Shop you play a lone employee of a music shop who must build music equipment and satisfy customers orders to keep them happy and keep the cash rolling in. Some of the items customers request, such as headphones and music CDs, don’t need to be built, you just grab them and hand them to the customers over the counter. The bigger music equipment needs to be built first though.

Building the equipment is fairly easy once you get the hang of it. You just need to grab all the components required, such as guitar bodies, pickups, bridges, strings and guitar necks and place them on the workbench in the back of the store, where they’ll transform into a finished product. You need to be fast though if you want to make as much cash as possible during a day – as there’s a lot of work to do and customers don’t like to be kept waiting.

Although the gameplay feels a little shallow at the moment, it’s a great premise for a game and would be perfect for expanding on with more customization options for the equipment you build and the ability to buy stuff with the cash you earn. It’s still fun as it is though, especially when rushing to make as much cash as possible during a single day. A fun little music store simulator with a lot of promise.

Note: Be sure to add the strings to the guitars!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Kaotik Shop Here (Windows)