Karen – Game Jam Build Download

Karen is a fun little puzzle platformer that plays a little like a QWOP-like version of Lemmings as you press keys to alter the level and allow your character to pass through it.

Created for the GMTK game jam 2020, in Karen you have no control of the character, but you do have control of the level. In each level of the game various platforms and walls on the screen can be removed or added by pressing the corresponding key that’s written on them. There are also certain blocks that you can cause Karen to jump as she walks across them when you press the “J” button.

Karen’s inventive key-based level manipulation is a great concept that makes the game feel like a faster-paced version of Lemmings and allows for some very creative level design within its short playtime. Controlling the level rather than the character makes for a fun twist on the traditional puzzle platformer well worth checking out.

Download Karen Here (Windows)