Karlson – Game Jam Build Download

Karlson is a delightfully silly and brutal 2D physics based shooter with ragdoll physics, dismemberment and Super Hot-style slow mo.

Created for the Mix and Game Jam 2019 by developer Dani, Karlson is a short and action packed little 2D physics based shooter that effectively allows you to become John Wick for ten minutes. In the game you control Karlson as he runs, slides, jumps, fights and shoots his way through eight levels filled with armed henchmen.

Time only moves when you press the left or right direction buttons, so you can aim shots, slide and jump all in slow motion – which allows for some pretty spectacular looking gunfights. You often start the levels a little underpowered, with just a small handgun, a hammer or even just a banana to protect yourself with but as you take out your enemies you can steal their weapons and do some serious damage with them.

You’ll die a lot in Karlson, but you keep coming back for more as it’s so much fun – especially when you start to get a good flow going and start kicking ass with style!

Download Karlson Here (Win, Mac & Linux)