KARM – Alpha Demo

KARM is a very fast paced 90’s inspired Lovecraftian old school run ‘n gun FPS where you infiltrate a cultist headquarters that’s protecting a creature from beyond.

Anyone who’s ever played a 90’s shooter will feel right at home with KARM. It’s a fast paced FPS with big guns, freaky monsters and chunky retro visuals. In the game you blast your way through the stronghold of cultists who serve a powerful Eldritch master. To succeed you’ll not only need a good aim and an itchy trigger finger, but you’ll also need to pay attention to environmental details, find secrets and solve puzzles.

It could perhaps have a little more visual flair, but the run ‘n gun gameplay is a lot of fun, the levels are cleverly crafted and there’s a nice variety of grotesque monsters to blast. Perhaps most importantly for a retro boomer shooter, the shotgun feels great – especially when it’s blasting those Eldritch monsters to shreds!

Download The KARM Alpha Demo Here (Steam)