Karnage – Student Game

Karnage is a fun little vehicular combat game where you attempt to kill a rampaging kaiju with a car.

Created by students of ISART DIGITAL, Karnage puts you in control of a Twisted Metal-esque heavily armed vehicle and tasks you with slaying a deadly kaiju that you’re trapped in the arena with. Your vehicle is fairly nimble, heavily armored and comes equipped with an aimable machine gun and a powerful shotgun. You can also knock down the kaiju by activating traps or ramming it with your car (assuming you’re brave enough to charge head first at a kaiju!)

Unfortunately Karnage doesn’t quite live up to its exciting premise as the kaiju is a big bullet sponge and there’s not quite enough variety in the combat options. The visuals are fantastic though and the gameplay is fun (if a little shallow). There are definitely worse ways to spend 10 minutes than driving around an arena blasting the crap out of a kaiju!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Karnage Here (Windows)