Katamari’s Kamatari – Game Jam Build

Katamari’s Kamatari plays like a blend of Katamari Damacy and Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy as you attach objects to yourself and try to make it through a series of challenging obstacle-filled levels.

In Katamari’s Kamatari you control a little circular head that can roll into objects and attach them, much like in Katamari Damacy. You need to attach these objects in such a way that they allow you to overcome obstacles in your way and keep your little round head from touching anything colored red.

The first three levels in Katamari’s Kamatari are fairly easy, but it’s levels four and five where it really comes into its own. You really need to think about the structure you’re building and you need to be very precise with your movements as it only takes one slip-up to cause a premature death.

Visually Katamari’s Kamatari looks very simple, but it’s a fantastic little physics based puzzle platformer that takes the traditional Katamari Damacy formula and evolves it into something new. It’s great fun figuring out how best to tackle each obstacle and your little ball of debris is capable of a surprising amount of agility. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Play Katamari’s Kamatari Here (Click Link Below Unity Player For Full Screen)