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Kato is a charming little 3rd person adventure which sees a dog spreading a little joy through a peaceful seaside town that’s been struck by tragedy.

In Kato you take control of a cute little doggie called Kato, who lives with his owner in a lighthouse in a peaceful seaside town. However, the town has recently been beset by tragedy, with a large portion of the town’s houses and residents being lost after the cliffside they were situated on collapsed. Understandably, the remaining townspeople are still a little shaken up about the tragedy, but maybe you can help them in some little ways to bring a little joy back into their lives.

The gameplay in Kato is fairly simple, but pleasant and uplifting. The majority of it revolves around exploring the town, talking to residents and carrying out basic fetch-quests for them. There are main story quests and optional side-quests, completing each of which will earn you an “essence of joy” as a reward for helping the townsfolk.

The gameplay in Kato isn’t particularly groundbreaking, but there’s a certain pleasure to be had from being a good doggie and spreading joy through your hometown. It’s a very pleasant and charming place to spend some time in and there’s lots of fun little secrets to discover. A fun little doggie adventure that will make you smile.

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Download The Kato Prototype Here (Windows)

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